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Having outgrown their initial branding, I worked with Valesco to develop a look that more accurately represents their ability to increase their clients’ investment value.


“When developing our new website for Valesco, Nini managed the process from A-Z. The process and collaboration with Nini was very constructive, supportive and always in a positive tone. During development, Nini was continuously involved with both design and technical input, which ensured a successful website that was delivered on time.”

Ulrik Langermann

Founder, Valesco

Valesco offers an array of consultancy services, helping Private Equity, Family Offices and Corporate M&A Functions increase their investment value by 10% on average.
As Valesco outgrew their original branding, they came to me to update their look all-around to better align with the target audience’s needs and expectations. We kept the red color in their previous branding as a hint to their roots, and paired it with deep, calm blue tones for a clean and professional yet approachable look.

The logo plays with combining classic shapes with a contemporary approach to type faces, giving the impression of a brand that’s always been around while staying up-to-date. The combination of rounded and sharp corners seen in the logo is brought out into the design by giving the buttons one rounded corner each. 

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