Commissioned poster

Private client

Commissioned poster made during the winter 2020/2021. The text was given by the client, and the brief was to somehow illustrate the process of creating anything from scratch. The client wanted to remind her husband that although his work is often frustrating and always challenging, all the obstacles along the way are valuable lessons in the end.
The black line symbolizes the path one goes through when working on anything creative, be that visual arts or a tech startup, the path is never straight, but each little detour and dead end is a part of the whole. The line here is full of twists and turns, sometimes it moves forward, sometimes back, it goes up and down, even completely sideways, but in the end, it makes it across to the other side. Only because of all those kinks along the way do we end up with more than simply a straight line, we get the image of an elegant tree.

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