About me

Hi there, I’m Nini. My design journey started back in 2012, and since then I’ve cultivated my skills through a diverse portfolio of projects, both big and small. I lived my early formative years in the south of France, then did most of my education in Denmark, and finally settled in Czechia, which has earned me an aesthetic palette reflecting a blend of influences.

From the sleek elegance of Scandinavian minimalism to the rustic allure of Provence’s countryside charm, joined by the captivating art deco elements found in Prague’s architectural wonders, my designs show a rich tapestry of styles.

My free time is a canvas for imaginative creation. Some days it’s crafting furniture, other days I might be meticulously bringing ball gowns to life or drawing whatever comes to mind, but I always find joy in making things come alive. Balancing my creative pursuits, I wear the hats of a wife to a real-life mad scientist, and a mom to two spirited boys, all of whom make sure my life is never boring.

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