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Poster commissioned in December 2020. The client provided me with the copy and gave me the creative freedom to come up with a visual representation of the concept. "Create with passion and purpose, for people and planet" is supposed to sum up the passion and ethics with which the client works, and the poster was meant as an inspiration to keep going and doing the right thing even when the going gets tough.

My thinking behind this poster is that creating anything is never a straight path, no matter if you’re designing a kitchen cabinet or the business plan of a new startup. Making something new without instructions always requires some trial and error, going down the wrong path, and sometimes even getting tied up in a knot and feeling lost for a while. The tree that you see here is drawn with just one line, and that line goes up and down and all around in order to make that tree, just like the path of creating has to make many detours before anything of value has been made.